Saturday, January 28, 2017

Moana: Pua and HeiHei

Title: Moana: Pua and HeiHei
Genre: Fiction, Picture Book
Reading Level: Ages 4-7
Multicultural: Moana features Polynesian characters and is set in Polynesia/Oceania, although not much on the culture in this particular book

In this book, it is feast day and Heihei causes trouble as Moana is making a gift for her dad. As the title suggests, the story mainly features Heihei and Pua as Heihei gets put in a basket with the gift and Pua works at getting the gift back.

As a Step into Reading: Step 2 book, this is an overall simple story designed for children beginning to read to read with help. While simple, it is still an engaging plot with some humor with Heihei always getting into silly situations and action with Pua using a variety of methods to free Heihei and get the gift.

Types of Readers Book Might Appeal To & Multiple Intelligence Categories
  • Fans of Moana
  • Animal lovers might enjoy the focus on Pua the pig and Heihei the rooster. (Naturalistic)
  • The illustrations show the action and emotions of the characters, which can help draw in visual learners. (Spatial-Visual)
  • Pua getting back the gift provides a good example of problem solving. (Logical-Mathematical)
Activities for Further Learning and Fun
  • Make a Seashell Necklace - Kids will need some help, especially with making the hole, but can still be very involved in designing the necklace.
  • Moana Coloring Pages - One even specifically features Pua and Heihei and others include them along with Moana and Maui (Note: He is not in this book at all.).
  • Paper Weave Basket Craft - Make a basket similar to the one Heihei gets put in.
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