Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cars/Planes: Fly-and-Drive Read-Along Storybook and CD

Title: Cars/Planes: Fly-and-Drive Read-Along Storybook and CD
Genre: Audiobook, Picture Book
Reading Level: Ages 6-8
Multicultural: Features car and plane characters of various cultural backgrounds. Also, Cars 2 and Planes take place in various places around the world.

This book is a collection of four stories featuring the Cars and Planes characters. The stories include Cars, Cars 2, and Planes, which basically retell the stories of the movies. The other story is Air Mater, which is based on the Car Toons episode of the same name and features characters from both Cars and Planes.

Cars/Planes: Fly-and-Drive Read-Along Storybook makes a great pick for fans of the Cars and Planes movies that are beginning to read independently as it presents familiar stories along with illustrations. The accompanying CD that reads the story not only helps early readers enjoy the book independently; but it also adds a variety of sound effects and background music to enhance the story experience.

Types of Readers Book Might Appeal To & Multiple Intelligence Categories
  • Fans of the Cars and/or Planes movies
  • The background music, sound effects, and voice actors on the CD may help encourage readers that are interested in music and/or are auditory learners. (Musical)
  • The colorful illustrations that show the action of the plot can help draw in visual learners and with the CD reading the story they can be easier to enjoy as you hear the story. Visual learners beginning to read may also benefit from being able to see and follow the text as they listen to the CD. (Spatial-Visual)
  • The stories provide examples of characters understanding others and working together such as Lightning McQueen helping the King finish his last race and revitalizing Radiator Springs. (Interpersonal)
Activities for Further Learning and Fun
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