Saturday, July 5, 2014

Planes: Fire & Rescue (Little Golden Book)

Title: Planes: Fire & Rescue (Little Golden Book)
Genre: Picture Book, Fiction
Reading Level: Ages 2 to 5

This is a classic Little Golden Book version of the Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue movie plot.  While this is somewhat a sequel to the Planes movie, the plot stands on it's own including at least in the book there being pretty much no mentions of the characters from the previous movie other than Dusty.  Thus, those that like other characters from the movie may be disappointed to not see their favorites in this book.

In Planes: Fire & Rescue, Dusty goes to Piston Peak National Park to train to become a firefighter in order for his home airport to reopen.  The book features different aspects of his training as well as Dusty being a hero as part of putting out a wildfire and saving tourists.

Overall it is a well-written and illustrated book with a simple while still adequately complete plot for reading to the target age group.

Types of Readers Book Might Appeal To & Multiple Intelligence Categories
  • Fans of Planes, especially if they like Dusty
  • Visual learners may be drawn in by not just the illustrations, but the variations in text that highlights select words in the story. (Spatial-Visual)
  • The national park setting and wildfire aspects may appeal to those interested in nature and protecting it. (Naturalistic)
Activities for Further Learning and Fun
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