Thursday, April 10, 2014

Yoko Finds Her Way by Rosemary Wells

Title: Yoko Finds Her Way
Author: Rosemary Wells
Genre: Picture Book
Reading Level: Ages 3 to 6
Multicultural: Yoko and her mom are anthropomorphic cats headed to Japan and there are food and clothing represented that show Asian influence.

Yoko Finds Her Way is a cute picture book about Yoko and her mother going on an airplane trip to Japan.  In the book, Yoko helps read the signs on the road and in the airport to help get them all the way to their gate.  Before they board their flight and the book comes to an end, there is more adventure with Yoko getting lost exiting the bathroom the wrong way and then her mom doing the same when she tries to find Yoko.

Overall this is a great book for preschoolers to beginning readers, especially if preparing to go on an airplane trip.  The plot incorporates identifying a wide variety of signs. This can encourage kids to learn to interpret the meaning of signs themselves.  It also provides somewhat subtle advice on what to do if you get lost, as Yoko follows the signs for Airport Police to get help getting back to her gate and mama.

Types of Readers Book Might Appeal To & Multiple Intelligence Categories
  • Those that like cats may enjoy how all the characters are depicted as being felines.
  • The variety of cats represented in the illustrations and signs that relate to the plot help make this an interesting book for visual learners learning to read. (Spatial-Visual)
Activities for Further Learning and Fun 

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