Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Doc McStuffins: Leilani's Luau by Sheila Sweeney Higginson

Title: Doc McStuffins: Leilani's Luau
Author: Sheila Sweeney Higginson
Genre: Picture Books, Fiction
Reading Level: Ages 3 to 6
Multicultural: Doc McStuffins is an African American girl and the Leilani is a hula dance toy from Hawaii who occasionally speaks Hawaiian.

Leilani's Luau is a fun picture book about Doc McStuffins receiving a hula dancer toy named Leilani and having a luau party to help her feel less homesick.  As they begin the luau, Leilani quickly runs out of energy and cannot dance anymore.  Doc McStuffins diagnosis her with No-Hula-tosis and they eventually figure out that the sun is what gives her energy as Leilani.  Thus, they move the luau outside, so they can all can hula dance.

The book briefly touches on Hawaiian culture with the use of some Hawaiian words, the explanation on how hula dancing tells stories, and the toys having a luau party.  Additionally, the topic of having fun in the sun is covered, especially with some tips on the back cover that include encouraging playing outside when the weather permits, wearing sunscreen, and drinking water.

Overall this book is a great pick for fans of Doc McStuffins, especially as a summer read.  It is also a good read for those planning a trip to Hawaii or even just having your own luau party at home.  The stickers included can also be fun to use for scrapbooking your own Hawaiian or luau experiences.

Types of Readers Book Might Appeal To & Multiple Intelligence Categories
  • Fans of Doc McStuffins
  • Those that are homesick may relate to Leilana.  The book can also be helpful for kids to understand how a visiting friend or relative or a kid new to the area may be homesick and perhaps even inspire them to make them feel at home by doing something that reminds them of home like the hula dance reminds Leilana of Hawaii. (Interpersonal)
  • Those interested in music and dancing may find the hula aspect appealing. (Musical)
  • Those that like making decorations may relate to how the toys make garlands of flowers and a palm tree for the luau decorations.  Also, they may enjoy using the stickers that come with the book. (Bodily-Kinesthetic)
Activities for Further Learning and Fun
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