Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Falcon Takes Flight by Adam Davis

Title: Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Falcon Takes Flight
Author: Adam Davis
Genre: Picture Book, Fiction
Reading Level: Ages 6 to 8

Falcon Takes Flight is a picture book based on the upcoming Marvel Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie.  This is a World of Reading: Level 2 book.  Thus, it has a simple story line, compound sentences, and contractions to make it good for junior readers (i.e. Kindergarten to Grade 2) to read themselves.  The book includes two sheets of stickers.

While this may a good book to encourage Marvel fans to read, the way it is written makes it seem more worth it for the stickers than as a book to read.  To begin with it is kind of odd to have a book written for this age group based on a PG-13 rated movie.  The book does tone down the content to be for a younger age group, but in particular in regards to the battle it seems to end up oversimplifying the plot to the point that it becomes very clunky.  Part of the clunkiness of the plot also seems to have to do with it trying to do too much in just one short book.

Overall Falcon Takes Flight seems like a book only worth selecting when extremely desperate to find something to get a reluctant reader that is a Marvel fan to read.  It does provide the Level 2 reading experience at least, but in this case the simple plot line aspect ends up making it a disappointing read.  Perhaps, if it had tried to just focus on introducing the characters or the battle part it might have worked out better, but instead it seemed to try explain it all and had to oversimplify everything to keep it from being too long.

Types of Readers Book Might Appeal To & Multiple Intelligence Categories
  • Fans of the Marvel superheroes, especially Captain America
  • The action pictures may help make the book more interesting, especially for those that need to be drawn in visually. (Spatial-Visual)
Activities for Further Learning and Fun

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