Sunday, January 19, 2014

Up: Spirit of Adventure Stepping Stones Chapter Book

Title: Up: Spirit of Adventure
Genre: Fiction
Reading Level: Ages 6 to 8

Spirit of Adventure is a Stepping Stones chapter book based on the animated Disney movie Up, which is about Russell ending up on an adventure to South America in a flying house when he is trying to earn his Assisting the Elderly Wilderness Explorer badge.  The book is pretty much exactly the same as the movie, so some that have seen the movie may find it boring while others may find the familiarity helpful as a beginning chapter book reader.

The style of writing for this book is Russell's stream of consciousness.  To some extent this can end up being distracting and make it hard to get into for some.  However, it can also make the story more interesting as you get to hear his thought process and better understand his feelings, goals, and intentions.

Types of Readers Book Might Appeal To & Multiple Intelligence Categories
  • Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts or those interested in being one may relate to Russell and his experience as a Wilderness Explorer.
  • Those interested in nature and animals, especially protecting them, can relate to how they save Kevin (a rare bird). (Naturalistic)
  • Those that like to get a deeper understanding of main characters. (Intrapersonal)
Activities for Further Learning and Fun

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