Friday, January 3, 2014

Jake and the Never Land Pirates: The Croc Takes the Cake Book Review

Title: The Croc Takes the Cake
Author: Melinda La Rose
Genre: Fantasy, Picture Book
Reading Level: Age 3-5
Curriculum Subjects: Math

The Croc Takes the Cake is about Jake and the Never Land Pirates making and delivering a cake to Captain Hook in honor of his birthday.  There's a good amount of action with Hook trying to steal the cake and the crocodile almost getting before the Never Land Pirates can give it to Hook.  The book also points out about how it can feel good to do something nice for someone.

As a Level Pre-1 World of Reading book, it features picture reading with some words being replaced by images on every page.  This makes it a good book for beginning readers, especially visual learners.

This book also encourages counting with some of the pages having prompts on the bottom corners encouraging the readers to find and/or count certain things on that page.  For example, when they are baking the cake, it asks the reader to help find four eggs.

Types of Readers Book Might Appeal To & Multiple Intelligence Categories
  • Fans of the Jake and the Never Land Pirates show, Peter Pan, and/or pirates in general
  • Those that find and seek books will like the prompts to find and/or count things on some of the pages. (Logical-Mathematical)
  • Visual learners will benefit from the picture reading style. (Spatial-Visual)
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