Saturday, December 28, 2013

Disney Club Penguin Secret Agent Handbook by Katherine Noll

Title: Disney Club Penguin Secret Agent Handbook
Author: Katherine Noll
Genres: Informational Book & Fantasy
Reading Level: Ages 8-12
Curriculum Subjects: Science

The Disney Club Penguin Secret Agent Handbook is a guide to being a secret agent in the Club Penguin virtual world. It is part fantasy in that Club Penguin is a virtual world featuring anthropomorphic penguins.  Since it is a virtual world that readers can interact in, though, this book also serves as an informational book for those that want to be or are secret agents in Club Penguin.

While for the most part this book is a guide for playing an online game, it also has activities that are not online.  This makes it a great book for those interested in Club Penguin, but need to be encouraged to do something off the computer.  For example, there is a project making a rocket with some simple objects that you may already have around the house.

The book was published several years ago, so it is slightly outdated, which may make it less useful as an actual literal guide for in game play, especially for newbies.  However, it still has a lot of tips and background info that can be interesting for those that want to learn more about the secret agent aspect of Club Penguin.  The secret code riddles and puzzles throughout are also fun ways to improve problem solving skills.

Types of Readers Book Might Appeal To & Multiple Intelligence Categories
  • Puzzle and riddle lovers (Logical-mathematical)
  • Those that like to see visuals that go with information will enjoy how there are a lot of images accompanying the text including visual puzzles like the picture memory test. (Spatial-Visual)
  • Those that like to help and work with others, as it encourages helping new penguins in Club Penguin and doing missions with other secret agent penguins. (Interpersonal)
Activities for Further Learning and Fun crafts, coloring, lesson plans (Amazon text links to related products)

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